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Accredited Contingent Workforce.

Get productive faster.

Access shared talent who can seamlessly plug in to work across the business in a project-oriented way.

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Approved Firms.

Drive value through excellence.

Use excellence among approved firms to drive better performance.

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Experienced Community.

Acquire knowledge and skills.

Access to experienced and knowledgable network to increase credibility and skills.

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Your Terms

Whatever you need to simplify your tasks, no matter your budget.

Your Timeline

Find expertise based on your goals and deadlines, it’s that simple.

Your Safety

Your transactions are direct from firms to experts / professionals.


⨀ Content Similarity

⨀ Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency

⨀ Singular value decomposition

⨀ Collaborative Filtering


✔ Collaboration Tools

✔ Knowledge Management

✔ Reporting

✔ Real-time Project Feeds

✔ Intuitive Expert Ratings

✔ Governance

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